This blog is called “Sexy Science” because I’ve trawled the world wide web to find the sleekest and most explosive science topics out there today. I’m a biologist so there may be a slight leaning towards animals behaviour etc. but I have a general interest in all the sciences. Most of what I write about is triggered by some recent research or finding so what you see here is completely up to date. I’ve just put it into a more concise, opinionated and hopefully interesting way than you will see in most science sources. Think of me as the anti- nerd. This is NOT a blog for hard line scientists. I’m not going to bombard you with facts, figures and scientific language. I’m going to show you science in its most majestic form. I’m going to give you stuff to talk about with your mates, your  work colleges over a coffee and, who knows, maybe that hot date you’re going on next week. So put away your test tubes! Get a hammer and smash up that calculator! Because this is where you, whether you’re a a hundred years old or just finished puberty, rediscover your interest in science. Get involved! Comment on posts whether you like them or hate them and together we can make science sexy again!


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